How to Write a Truly Useful Photoshop Tutorial Article

How to Write a

Truly Useful Photoshop

Tutorial Article

This website is only possible because many graphics professionals like you located all over the world, have kindly submitted original Photoshop tutorial materials. We would not exist without your kindness. Do yourself and us a big favor and contribute Photoshop tutorials regularly. The more tutorials we receive, the more we enrich our community in terms of skills and overall market and industry knowledge.

Now, if you have decided to put together something for the community, congratulations. However, you probably might have been struggling as to the specific form or format. Well, we put together the following article so you can get some broad parameters of how to write a professional Photoshop tutorial resource.

How to write tutorials with
useful and effective method on photoshop

Focus on Actionable Information, Not Theory

The number one rule in putting together a useful Photoshop article is that you must not dabble in theory. Don’t do it. Instead of speculation, focus on something that people can actually follow and create something with. By simply going through your instructions and carrying them out, people should be able to replicate your results. Otherwise, you’re just dabbling in theory.

Focus on Issues Users Actually Face Regularly

It’s a good idea to write about topics that people actually worry about on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to feature information about topics and trends that people interact with on a day to day basis. This high level of practicality goes a long way in ensuring that the material you supply is actually useful.

Get to the Point

As much as possible, produce articles that are compact and get to the point very quickly. 500 words is a good rule of thumb. As much as possible, please do not write any PhD dissertations. Not only are they confusing, they can be very boring to read, and they might turn off readers from reading the rest of the tutorials we offer.

Logical Layout

When laying out your ideas, don’t go all over the place. Make sure that there is a logical progression from one idea to the next.

Quick and Choppy Writing

This is a Photoshop tutorial site. This is obviously not a creative writing site. We don’t offer novels here. Accordingly, people who read the materials we feature are looking for short materials written in a quick and choppy style. Focus on the facts and information, and leave out unnecessary details.

Skim Friendly

Unfortunately, most people who read the internet on a regular basis have developed some type of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Most people who read social media frequently tend to process online content like they have some type of ADHD. They are in a hurry, they don’t read the materials, they actually just skim and scan. Keep this in mind when putting together a Photoshop tutorial article for this website.

If you follow all the tips above, we can guarantee that the material you produce is not only going to be published, but it’s actually going to add value to the people who read it.