How to Keep Your Photoshop Skills Always Up to Date

How to Keep Your

Photoshop Skills

Always Up to Date

Regardless of how you learned your Photoshop skills, please keep in mind that your skill set is always under attack. You have to remember that if you’re selling any kind of graphical skills on the open market, you’re only as good as your last victory. That’s the bottom line. And if, for some reason or another, people buying your services think that your skills are outdated, be prepared to charge less money or be prepared to not make any money.

That sounds harsh, that sounds alarmist, but it’s also absolutely true. You see, you are not operating in a vacuum. Whether you work for a corporation, a small entity, or you work for yourself, you are part of a larger global marketplace of skill sets. There is always a tremendous amount of bargaining in that market. It’s all about market demands, it’s all about meeting certain needs for the best prices. This is why if you cannot compete based on price, you better compete based on quality.

Accordingly, you need to do the following so you can get a leg up on your competition. It doesn’t matter whether your competition comes from down the street, across state lines, at the other side of the United States, or halfway across the world, you need to be ready, eager and willing to compete in that competition. Otherwise, you’re going to get beaten again and again.

Here are the steps on how
to keep an updated photoshop skills

First, you need to read tutorials.

Don’t assume that your skills are up to date. There are always small changes and enhancements to whatever effects and techniques you have learned along the way. Investing a few minutes each week on reading the latest and greatest tutorials can help you keep your skills viable.

Second, participate in the community.

The Photoshop community that we have set up on this website is thriving, dynamic and innovative. Don’t miss out on the latest trends. These trends tend to be under the radar for quite some time, you want to catch them before they become prevalent. Why? Once a trend becomes so popular that everybody knows it, you lose any competitive advantage for knowing that particular graphic trend.

Third, check freelance websites' specifications.

By simply looking at the specifications posted by people looking for freelance graphics work, you can get a clear idea of which types of jobs in are in most demand in today’s market. This goes a long way in helping you decide which tutorials to read and which parts of your skills to enhance.

Fourth, read a lot of graphics-heavy blogs and websites.

These blogs and websites are not Photoshop related sites per se. Instead, you’re just reading them to figure out what are the latest design standards for headers, banners and other graphics. This way, you can have a clear view of the design trends that you would want to master so your skills are more marketable.

Finally, read up on Photoshop use.

We offer late breaking Photoshop news on this website. Feel free to check it out because this information can help you spot trends that you can use to get a leg up on the competition.

Follow as many of the tips above as possible so you can ensure that your skills are always in demand.