How Do You Know Your Header Graphics are Effective?

How Do You Know

Your Header Graphics are Effective?

This is a Photoshop tutorial website. We teach people how to take an idea and turn it into a piece of graphics that can help content be read, as well as help up-and-coming companies develop a solid online brand.

However, when it comes down to it, the graphics that you produce will be judged on one basis and one basis alone: results. If you want to get paid more, if you want to get promoted, if you want your online business to become more successful, you need to focus on results.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get our wires crossed when it comes to measuring effectiveness of header graphics because there are so many ways to define it. It’s like trying to define love. Somebody’s definition of love might be different from somebody else’s definition because we all come from different backgrounds, we all have different experiences.

So how exactly can we come up with a more objective benchmark for header graphics results? We put together our notes on how readers can assess the effectiveness of the graphics they produce with Photoshop.

We feature all sorts of Photoshop tutorials that can help you produce a wide range of graphics, and it’s very tempting to think that one graphic is just as good as the next. But by paying close attention to these specific success benchmarks, you increase the likelihood that you would be producing graphics that the market would need and which would produce positive financial results.

How to ensure a
high quality header graphics

Nothing Beats Traffic Stats

Your first stop when it comes to determining graphics effectiveness is traffic. Traffic doesn’t lie. Unless you’re buying fake software-generated traffic, traffic doesn’t lie. Either people will click through your banners or click through all different parts of your website, or they won’t. Keep traffic top of mind when it comes to defining success.

Facilitates Reading

Pay attention to the progression of pages on your website. If you notice that a lot of people drill through your website and they don’t stop at just one page, but they read multiple pages as they click link after link, if you see this pattern, get excited. This means that the graphics that you are using is actually facilitating greater reading of your website. This means that the more people read the content, the higher the chance that it would click on an ad, and this increases the potential revenue of your website or online property.

Niche Specific

When you look at many different graphics, one way of measuring success is how close the graphic gets in describing or addressing the niche of the content. This is crucial because each website must seek to build its own distinctive brand. This is very hard to do if all the graphics on a particular website contain or communicate different niches. It’s as if the website can’t make up its mind. It’s all over the place.

The more unified the thematic experience of visitors to that website, the higher the likelihood they would associate that site with a particular brand. This is a measure of success. This indicates a type of victory.

I hope you realize how difficult it is to establish a solid and credible online brand. Thankfully, putting together effective header graphics using Photoshop tutorials, can help you do this cheaply and quickly.

Scan Friendly

Please understand that most people no longer read internet materials. I know this is shocking because there are a lot of news websites, but when you pay attention to their content consumption patterns, they’re actually not reading. Instead, they’re scanning. They’re looking for certain keywords, they’re looking for certain headlines, and based on that information, they can then decide whether to drill down.

Keep this in mind when putting together header graphics because truly effective header graphics address the fact that people scan or skim. Since they’re able to do this, this increases the likelihood that people would consume more content. This also increases the likelihood that people would associate a positive brand with the particular website they are visiting.

If you’re stumped as to how to create effective header graphics, pay attention to the results your materials are getting. The indicators above go a long way in helping identify a data set that you need to stay on top of to ensure that your website’s graphics will pave the way for its ultimate success.