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We are a group of passionate creative people

We are a single team but with different creative passion for drawing and animation Our team is medium in terms of size but big in terms of thinking power and unique outcomes it can deliver.

We believe in working with fun, dedication, and creativity!

While we are dedicated to understand all client requirements, we believe in implementing with fun. Otherwise, boredom and brainstorming both tend to kill the originality and creativity of the outcome.

John DOnovan

Chief Design and Executive Officer

As a designer, John proudly promotes himself as the master of the 3D drawing technology. He has more than 12 years of expertise in the same and wishes to be as much as creative as possible in each upcoming project. His aim to think out-of-the-box, design out-of-the-sight, and render beyond imagination.
Thus, he takes keen interest in R&D so that he can keep himself updated on the latest trends in this field.

“Creativity is in my blood. Just cannot think without original creativity! Copying is a lazy job with heavy consequences. So, shall never advice to do so at any cost.”

Katrin Jones

video maker

As an illustration expert, Katrin is purely workaholic. According to her, making illustrations is not a child’s play in which one simply uses a video tool. In reality, it is a brainstorming job to determine what each frame will show and how. This needs truly original thinking and analyzing the scenes. The need to be innovative is something that motivates Katrin to be workaholic.

“Illustration is not straightforward as other may deem so. It is a thoughtful process that consumes a significant amount of resources. This pushes me to work 24x7.”